The Aligned Business Workshops Just Announced!

This workshop is so different from the others because while they focus on tools, techniques and strategies, we know that those things only account for around 20% of your business success. Mindset accounts for the rest. That mean, all the things you think, feel and believe about yourself impact your business.

I believe that you can have the clients, you can have the turnover and that you can have anything you wish in business if you have the right mindset.

So, with my PhD in Psychology, and 20 years working in the field of behaviour, thought, the mind and now spirituality, I'd love the opportunity to show you what the others don't and give you the missing piece to your business success.

I'm not about impacting millions of lives. I believe that by having a group of 10 people, I can have a more durable impact. The last thing we want is for you to have what's called the Sun Tan Effect! (We want your results to last, unlike a suntan).

The workshop is applied and practical. There is a special discount for everyone that signs up and if you miss out, please just send me a PM and i'll pop you on the wait list.

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Finalist: Business Mentor of the Year Award 2019

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The Aligned Business Workshops


Learn how to up-level your business with our Absolute Alignment workshops.
May 6th Melbourne, 

Then Sydney, Gold Coast, Brisbane, Tasmania, 

August: Malaysia and LA. 

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The Business Unleashed Tribe is a space created for business owners to learn how to increase their client numbers, increase their annual turnover and increase their level of happiness within the business.

By applying mindset principles to business operations, the intention is to teach business owners how to effect the changes they seek in a way that is spiritual and both practical and congruent with their thoughts and beliefs.

My vision is to teach business owners what I have learned so that they too can reclaim their passion for their business and inspire others to do the same! I will achieve this by providing formal learning opportunities for business owners all over the world to expand their current service offerings, capture a new demographic of client, increase their turnover and accelerate business growth in ways they never thought possible.

It is my promise to you that if you are open-minded, coachable and that if you implement the tools provided, that just like my other clients and tribe members, you too can turn your business around and work again in ways that feel congruent with your unique set of values and beliefs.


About Brooklyn


Spiritual Business Mentoring Unlike Any Other

Brooklyn has a PhD in Psychology and over 20 years experiences working in the field of psychology. Her knowledge of the mind, thought processes and human behaviour is what really helps her clients to achieve massive outcomes. She has also published a best selling book on Amazon and won the Practitioner of the Year Award in 2019.


Have the Business You Want on Your Terms

I believe that we all have a unique gift to share with the world. My greatest joy is in helping business move through the overwhelm, gain crystal clarity on their business vision, uncover hidden obstacles that are probably sabotaging their business success and enjoy all the riches and success that life has to offer!

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Workshops in May and August 2019

The Absolute Alignment workshops take place in May and in August 2019.  Join us for the one day workshop where you will learn how to transform your practice or business to get the results you dream of.

May: Sydney, Melbourne, Gold Coast, Brisbane, Tasmania.

August: Malaysia and LA.

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I love teaching private practice owners and business owners learn how attract the right clients, build confidence and increase profitability. It's my obsession!

But I want to make an impact too. I don't like teaching to huge audiences because it doesn't allow me to go deep enough and effect durable changes. For that reason, my workshops are more intimate and limited in size to a maximum of just 10 people. 

Business Mentor & Workshop Facilitator

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