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"I attended a retreat with Brooklyn two years ago and I've been following her on social media ever since. My first impression of Brooklyn was that she's committed to her cause. She's in tune with people and she connects with an honesty and sensitivity that is hard to find in the business world.

I needed help with my team. People weren't fitting well. I decided to take a leap and join Brooklyn in her workshop as I was sure she could put a positive spin on the situation from a psychological perspective, a view that is different from other psychologists, as it includes true alignment. Working with Brooklyn is like working with a professional who also feels like your best friend, who draws on research but has a spiritual slant. She's supportive, quick to follow up on the implementation of tasks learned, and she genuinely cares about your progress and success.

The number one thinkig I'm grateful for is Brooklyn's teaching in her workshop. She can make a simple suggestion that has a huge impact, and if you trust it, use it, and then take a step back to look at the change that occurs, it's hard to believe it just happened! I'm forever grateful! Thanks so much Brooklyn!" Amanda. 

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Participate Outcomes From the Aligned Business Workshop

Jo Reclaimed Her Time

Jo wanted more time to work on developing the business to achieve her vision but wasn't sure how to find it. We showed her.

Anita Found Unclaimed Money

Not having the right policies in place was costing Anita in lost revenue and was putting unnecessary pressure on her. We showed her what policies to use and how to implement them.

Mel Left With a Plan to Scale Her Business

Running the business as a solopreneur can be hard. We showed Mel when and how to scale in alignment and gave her a plan to implement. 

Ian Created Passive Income

Having a steady cash flow that you can rely on really helps entrepreneurs to have the peace of mind they need in order to focus on the business. We showed Ian how to monetise existing services and he implemented his plan before leaving the workshop.

Lisa Found Freedom

As a result of one our implementation sessions of the workshop, Lisa experienced a dramatic realisation that has now unlocked endless possibilities to  take her business forward.

Steve Learned About Letting Go

A greater understanding of the concept of an Aligned Team allowed Steve the freedom to let go and create space to invite new team members in. 

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Bio - Dr Brooklyn Storme, PhD


Business Alignment©

Business Alignment© is an approach to creating success in your business by understanding and recognising the roles that our mindset, business processes and spiritual practice play. When one of these three areas is out of alignment, the remaining areas are impacted. This model has been successfully applied for recruiting, scaling, marketing, financial management of the business and more.   Developed by Dr Brooklyn Storme, PhD this approach has drawn upon evidence-based approaches from Psychology and successfully brings together the mind, business, spirit for your success. 


Attract Clients, Close Sales, Be Your Brand

Finding clients and completing the sale is easy when you know how. I can show you. I've helped entrepreneurs increase turnover, become more visible, have the conversations with clients and so much more, all with a sense of ease, grace and flow. Your results are my results so of course I'm going to give the tools you need to get ahead. That's why I've created the 90 Day Client Attraction Makeover. 


Workshops in 2019

Our next workshops are in London and LA in August 2019 and Melbourne and Sydney in September 2019.  Join us for the one day workshop where you will learn how to transform your practice or business to get the results you dream of. 

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I love teaching private practice owners and business owners learn how attract the right clients, build confidence and increase profitability. It's my obsession!

But I want to make an impact too. I don't like teaching to huge audiences because it doesn't allow me to go deep enough and effect durable changes. For that reason, my workshops are more intimate and limited in size to a maximum of just 10 people. 

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