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If you're done with the fear, struggles and overwhelm....

Then it's time for you to create Business Success From the Inside Out™

Why Your Practice May Be Doomed Without You Realising It

Pay attention as this is important if you don't want to remain feeling trapped in your practice

Most private practice owners who dream of starting their own business face one major (hidden) obstacle that always keeps that dream just beyond their reach. 

What is it?

Well, before I tell you, let me ask you a question:

If you're currently stuck in the 'thinking about it' stage...which of these applies to you?

  • You constantly feel like you need to learn one more thing, so you read and  subscribe to everything you can get your hands on and you stay in a constant state of learning rather than executing....
  • The planning never seems to end - there's always one more detail you need to think about or get in place before you can start making money and become more profitable....
  • You always feel rushed and pressured, never having enough time. Like you're drowning in a sea of too much to do, unable to keep juggling it all
  • You get paralysed by the fear of judgement and rejection that comes with self-doubt about whether or not your ideas and services are good enough and if people will pay for them...
  • You're overwhelmed by the uncertainty that makes every decision feel like an "all or nothing" gamble, so you never take action...
  • You feel heavy, resistant and avoidant about essential tasks because you're in such a state of low vibration

After reading that, how much of it applies to you? Now you know why your business is stuck....because you're out of spiritual alignment and caught up in Employee Mindset.

Say "bye-bye" to the Employee Mindset


The Employee Mindset is a way of thinking about your business and how you fit into it (most people think in a way that sets them up to fail in private practice). It does not consider your purpose, your soul calling or embodiment of your true values.


One that gets hopeful private practice owners (just like you) on the path to overwork, frustration, struggle and failure from the get go...


And causes a lot of pain, frustration and wasted energy along the way...

An "employee mindset" is what keeps you stuck working IN your practice. Your VALUE is dependent on your EFFORT (which you never have enough of), and as a result, "working harder" and "working longer" is your only strategy for growth, and I don't have to tell you that that's a broken strategy. You are disconnected from the business and out of alignment with your higher purpose. You're energy is low and others are picking up on it.


It's what keeps you working longer hours in your business than you ever did at your job. You're at your desk

everyday at 7am while the kids are having breakfast. And you're chained there until 9 or 10 at night, long after they're in bed. 


It's what causes you sleepless nights, and well-meaning people in your circle comment that you look tired and inquires as to whether or not you are okay.


It's what leads to all your financial stress...putting off paying one bill so you can pay the one from the previous month...juggling credit card balances...draining your savings.

And if that applies to you...

Don't Be Ashamed! It's Not Your Fault!

If you're like most struggling coaches and private practice owners, then chances are you're operating from this employee mindset that you learned from your upbringing.

But that's okay! It's all you knew...UNTIL NOW!

With an employee mindset, your growth is dependent on your EFFORT. Everything "new" seems way too risky. You're always tip-toeing around the edges of your dream for private practice instead of taking bold action.

It creates a constant need for approval. A need to know more. A need for certainty and security. Needs that will keep you trapped.

It's a mindset that will leave you overworked and underpaid. On a surefire path to stress and burnout, with nothing or little to show for it.

So, you having your own successful private practice or coaching business seems "unrealistic" or like a "silly dream", it's time to lose the employee mindset or stay stuck in your old pattern. 

What's Going To Happen To Your Practice If You DON'T Start


A Private Practice Owner Thinks Very Differently From an Employee

  • Employees think taking a risk is scary...Private Practice Owners think it's exciting and gets them the lifestyle they desire
  • Employees think they need to know everything before they can take one step...Private Practice Owners know how to figure it out as they go
  • Employees are terrified of judgement and rejection...Private Practice Owners welcome it because they know it's the key to their success
  • Employees are constantly rushed and pressured, with every decision feeling like life or death...Private Practice Owners are in control no matter what, they're always one step closer to their goals...
  • Employees constantly search for solutions....Private Practice Owners take action and create them
  • Employees wait for direction, they need to given the path...Private Practice Owners choose the direction and follow it

Private Practice Owners Are Visionaries

They know deep down inside that they are here to help. That there are people out there waiting on them to show up and provide the support and guidance they've been longing for. They know that they were put on the Earth for a reason and that helping others is worth the risks they take because the risks align with their purpose and beliefs. 

So they take risks. 

And don't let their circumstances dictate what is possible for them. 

When you release the employee mindset and starting thinking like a success Private Practice Owner, you'll get totally clear on what you need to do to turn the practice into a huge success. 

You'll be able to focus your natural gifts and talents on what's important and what you enjoy - and build a business that works without you. 

You'll reach more people than you ever thought possible. Helping them find and live their best lives. 

Once you start thinking like a Private Practice Owner, you'll start acting like one too. And that's important because...

Your Private Practice Is Not Your Baby

Starting Out, Business Can Be Like Babies

Newborn children are totally dependent on their parents. To feed them. To dress them. To protect them from the world. 

And in the beginning, your practice can require that same kind of constant attention from you. 

You feel like you have to tend to all the details. To make sure every part of the practice is working right. 

But Here's The Thing, Kids Grow Up!

Eventually they learn to feed themselves, dress themselves and drive themselves to their friends houses. 

And good parents understand that's what their job really is: to raise their children to be healthy and independent. To be successful on their own. 

I mean, can you imagine doing your 43-year-old son's laundry while he's still living in his room? (That'd be crazy!)

Well if you wouldn't do it for your children, why on earth would you do it for your business?

But That's EXACTLY What Private Practice Owners Who Struggle With An Employee Mindset Do.

Effective Private Practice Owners, on the other hand, fully recognise that their job is to design and build a practice so it can eventually run on it's own (like raising a child to be independent), so that they can literally remove themselves from the day-to-day operations and it'll continue to run, making them an income. 

And that's EXACTLY what I'm here to do: help you STEP INTO the effective Private Practice Owner role of your business far quicker and easier than you ever could on your own!

And one of the ways we're going to do that...You GET my PROCESSES for mastering mindset so that you can experience SUCCESS in the practice - and if you still need the nuts and bolts tools, I can EASILY share mine with you - it's no problem! 

But Making That Change On Your Own Is Harder Than You Think!

It Seems Like A Pretty Straightforward Solution, Doesn't It?

Because When It Comes To How You Thinkg and Act, You Can't "Learn" Your Way To Different Results.

Because When It Comes To How You Thinkg and Act, You Can't "Learn" Your Way To Different Results.

Get out there and start learning what effective Private Practice Owners do. Start doing it yourself. And reap the rewards, right?


Because When It Comes To How You Thinkg and Act, You Can't "Learn" Your Way To Different Results.

Because When It Comes To How You Thinkg and Act, You Can't "Learn" Your Way To Different Results.

Because When It Comes To How You Thinkg and Act, You Can't "Learn" Your Way To Different Results.

It goes way deeper than what you THINK you know or don't know. 

Let me explain what I mean...and why this is important to you. 

Everyone "knows" the basic principals for say, losing weight. But how many people "know" this and yet struggle to see any results?

As you can probably guess, millions, right?

So What Do They Do? They Go Out To "Learn" More About What They Already Know.

Because When It Comes To How You Thinkg and Act, You Can't "Learn" Your Way To Different Results.

So What Do They Do? They Go Out To "Learn" More About What They Already Know.

Diet must not be working. Go try another one. 

Workout program isn't cutting it. Head out and find a different routine. 

It's an exhausting and endless journey of learning more. But the results never change. 

The same thing happens with private practice owners. Maybe you've been through it yourself. 

You take a course to learn more about marketing your practice or about processes you need for the business. But nothing ends up being different afterward. So you go off to learn some more. (You obviously missed something, right?). But after the next course, you still can't shift the needle. 

So it's rinse and repeat from there. Before you know it you're "coursed out", working harding than ever and all for little or no progress in your business. 

So here's the million dollar question...

If you know what you're supposed to do to get the results you want, why do you still struggle to get them?

Why doesn't learning more change your results?

The Real Battle Is In Your Mind

Because You Already Know that Learning More Won't Change The Way You think And Act!

The way you think and act isn't based in what you know or what you don't know. 

It's driving by what you don't know that you don't know. By the ideas and beliefs hiding in your mental blind spots (those places that sabotage you over and over). 

Those are what drive your thoughts, actions and results, regardless of what you know. 

They're what keep you stuck on that "hamster wheel" of knowledge - constantly trying to learn more. It's a major pitfall of an employee mindset. 

If you want to change the way you think and act, you need to discover those beliefs that are hiding in your blind spots, keeping you stuck and out of alignment with your purpose and practice. The problem is.....that you can't see them! (That's why they're called blind spots!). 

And then you have to challenge them. 

Only once you've challenged your beliefs, can you experience a real mindset shift. And a real change in results. That's when you instantly transform employee to Digital CEO. 

And I will help you make that transformation....


Introducing the Coaching Program.

My unique approach to coaching infuses spiritual practice with private practice. It's a transformational process that will change you from an overwhelmed, and mis-aligned to visionary, effective and purpose-driven as Private Practice Owner. 

You discover the self-sabotaging limiting beliefs that are hiding in your blind spots and jamming you up at every step of the way.

You get the clarity to focus on the RIGHT things in your practice - so you never waste your time on useless or unproductive tasks that don't align with your vision.

You recognise exactly what your market wants and create services and offerings that they'll love.

You get access to my resources, tools and templates so that you can build an effective practice that doesn't completely rely on you to do all the things.

You're put on a path to get results - instead of justing piling more work on. 

It turns everything you think you know about creating a successful private practice on its head, so that any fears of failure that once held you back, never hold you back again.

Just Like It's Done For These Coaching Clients


Thank You So Much Brooklyn!

Thank You So Much Brooklyn!

Thank You So Much Brooklyn!

"I increased my turnover and have already made back my investment in the program and we aren't even finished yet!"


Mindset Is Everything

Thank You So Much Brooklyn!

Thank You So Much Brooklyn!

"When I first came to Brooklyn I was desperate. I'd been coached by another Psychologist in our industry and it go well. I wanted more tools, more strategies, more processes but Brooklyn helped me see what I couldn't as a result, I did a lot of inner work and am now reaping the benefits. I reduced my days and my direct client contact and I don't have to stress if I'm not there".


I Can Relax

Thank You So Much Brooklyn!

I Can Relax

"Before Brooklyn, I was chasing my tail and constantly catching up on things that were outstanding. Now, I have processes in place that enable me to focus more ON the practice and growing it. 

Listen...Nothing will work for you if you do nothing.

If you're not planning to do the work and take the action steps we cover in the coaching program, then save your money. I'm sorry if that sounds a little harsh, but seriously, I mean it. 


If You're Committed To Taking Action, Then...

Here's The Deal I'm Making With You Right Now...

I'm offering you what I firmly believe is the most aligned pathway to business that you've always dreamed of. By transforming you from a stuck, nervous, "employee" into the effective Private Practice Owner you want and need to be. And giving you all the tools and resources that your business needs along the way to get results that you really want and that feel good too. 

But you have to have skin in the game too. 

You have to do the work. And if you're not willing to, you'll be wasting both our time. 

So let's sum it up...

  • You have the option of the program running over 90 Days (intensive for rapid results) or over 12 months;
  • You receive live, in person private coaching sessions during that time (3 each month with a week off for implementation for each month). 
  • You receive exercises and activities that will let you uncover anything that's getting in your way and keeping you from life-changing transformations.
  • You receive access to me via Messenger and VOXER to give you additional support as you need it. 
  • You receive access to my private practice SWIPE files that include systems, processes and tools that you need to create your Private Practice in Total Alignment and you get free membership to other courses, programs and memberships into the future as a BONUS. 
  • Yes you can claim the program as a tax deduction (it's a work-related investment).
  • Yes, you can count the hours towards your CPD requirements if eligible (ie the areas you want to focus on in coaching are also included in your annual learning plan).

You know if you change nothing, nothing changes.


BUT, if you already know that you want to grow your practice and make a greater impact in the world, then your choice is obvious: join me in the Coaching Program: Business Success From the Inside Out™ and begin your transformation to becoming the connected, aligned, effective Private Practice Owner you know you were meant to be.

Simply click the button below and my team and I will be waiting for on the inside! 

But if you're still on the fence, wondering whether to take the leap, let me share one last thought with you. Maybe you're thinking....

"It all sounds great but I don't have the time, money or energy right now"

....then you're not making the choice at all. You're letting your circumstances make your choices for you. 

And as you know by now, that's not how effective Private Practice Owners operate. 

You see, our 'circumstances' are mostly in our own mind. They're 'time and money' excuses we make because we're not willing to step up and play a bigger game. 

Greatness and success don't care about your circumstances. 

Success always finds a way. Greatness always plays a way bigger game. 

That's what effective Private Practice Owners understand. And now, so do you. 

If you're like some people reading this, you may be thinking, "I want to Join but I can't afforD it"

The fact that you're on this page means that you KNOW you need a program like the 90 Day Coaching Program: Business Success From the Inside Out™ to get your practice to the next level. And, that fact that you're on this page also means that you've not yet found that program, because if you did, you wouldn't be here now, right?

If this applies to you, what you're about t read is the most important thing you'll ever read about creating and growing your private practice successfully. 

If you want to join the Coaching program and you think you cannot afford it, then you're in the place I call Desirability VS Feasibility. Meaning, you desire to become a successful Private Practice Owner, but you don't think it's financially feasible for you, and what you do next will determine what ultimately happens in your business. 

Consider this, the fact that you think it's not feasible is because you're still working from your old "Employee Mindset" (you know, the one that has been keeping you trapped) and notice that's sabotaging you and you didn't even know that until I just pointed it out. 

Here's the Truth

You have to ask yourself this one vital question that will determine whether your business succeeds or fails. This one question is this:

"Am I going to be 100% responsible for the success of my Private Practice or am I not?"

According to Merriam Webster, the definition of responsibility is: Causing something to happen. 

So, what that means to you is that whatever happens in your business, you have caused and what does not happen in your business, you have also caused. 

We know that you're not where to you want to be today, and ou now recognise that you've caused that. And, if you really want to be a successful Private Practice Owner, you now know that it's going to be you that causes that. 

The Question Has Changed

If you're going to be 100% responsible for your business, the question is no longer 'can I afford it', it's now, "HOW do I be 100% responsible and make this happen?" 

If you're going to stop here and do nothing differently, do you know what that means? It means you won't stretch yourself out of your comfort zone. It means you're driven by fear. It means you're not cut out to run your own effective and success Private Practice and it means that you're going to remain in an Employee Mindset and struggling in your business. 

So, let's go back to what I said was the most important question you could ask yourself. 

Are you going to be 100% responsible for the success of your business? 

If you are, then get enrolled in the 90 Day Coaching Program: Business Success From the Inside Out™ and if you're not, you can click off the page now. 

Apply Today for the July 2020 Intake


Don't Miss Out On The Opportunity To Transform Your Practice and Your Life

Only 5 applicants are accepted into the program each quarter and it's a highly competitive process.

You CAN do it. With a new mindset, with the right tools, and with the right support, you can transform your life and the lives of others.

And I will be here every step of the way to help.

So don't waste another three months or twelve months dreaming about what could be.

Apply now and make your dreams a reality.