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What’s the reason why some businesses flourish and others don’t? 

With all else being equal in terms of business skills, why do some people succeed while other’s don’t? 

Where do you sit on the scale of business success?

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Brooklyn Storme

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My name is Brooklyn and for years, I was working my butt off doing 12+ hour days (often six days a week), trying to keep my head above water financially. I couldn’t understand why my colleagues were making more money than me when they were working less hours. It felt so unfair and confusing. 

One day, I saw a post on social media where a colleague was going overseas for a month and I felt so angry about that. I thought, “How on earth is she doing it when she has a business to run? It’s not fair. Maybe I should just give up”. At the time, I was learning about Law of Attraction and had begun applying tools in my daily life and with success. And it was then that it occurred to me to apply those tools to my business. 

Now I run not one but two businesses and provide mentoring to others so that they can attract their ideal client, boost their confidence, generate income and develop processes that just feel better because they are more aligned with their beliefs and values.