Announcing: How to Manifest Your Next Candidate: Enrol Now

Finding your next team member has never been easier.

You Know You Need To Hire The RIGHT Person For Your Practice.

But why does it feel like such a struggle? You sit down to write the job ad, review the applications and, if you get to that stage, interview the candidates, you end up thinking:

  • Why am I getting hairdressers applying for psychology roles? What am I doing wrong?
  • I've been at this forever and still nothing. I give up!
  • Nothing works. Anyone who hires someone is LUCKY.
  • If I don't hire someone soon, I don't know what I'll do. 
  • What's the point of trying to grow?

Really, it's beyond frustrating. You're a great practitioner. You're a great practice owner. You know you have an amazing opportunity for the right person. Now you just have to convince your ideal candidate to hit APPLY. 

Imagine What It's Going To Be Like When:

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Ideal candidates apply for your position within mere hours of you posting the advertisement, like Tracey did.

An hour you set aside for an interview with a candidate turns into a morning of interviewing 4 ideal practitioners for your practice, like Sue did.

Your newest recruit tells her friends that they MUST apply for a job with your practice because it's so great - and they DO, like Lisa did.

You can leave the practice before 5pm, knowing it's in good hands and that the team is flourishing and thriving in your absence, like Mel did.

You get to REDUCE your waitlist and actually serve the people that have been longing for your time and support because now you DO have capacity to see them, like Erin did.

Nearly doubling your income in less than 40 weeks because you have retained your team and they've helped you grow the practice, like Michelle did.

Hey, I'm Brooklyn!


And it's not conventional, not traditional and not mainstream. If you have no idea how to recruit, if you looked at other peoples processes and tried to jam them into your practice hoping they'll work (I bet they didn't because those strategies are NOT working for them either!) and you got zero results other than a thumping migraine, I get it and I'm here to help. Recruiting from a high vibe place allows you to work in flow and enjoy the process in ways you never experienced before!

I'm a Spiritual Psychologist in private practice and a Coach who helps other private practice owners like psychologists, GP's, pharmacists and allied health practitioners hire their dream candidates so that you can step back from the practice to work ON it, increase your income and build a business that totally aligns with your brand vision and values. 

I've helped hundreds of private practice owners recruit team and scale their business by focussing on the approach that they use to business so that they can create a practice that connects deeply with the hearts, minds, souls and spirits of their ideal team and their ideal clients. These clients come from all around the world including Australia, London, Canada, France and America. No matter where they are from, they have two things in common: a powerful purpose + a desire to grow their impact. 

In the process of working with these private practice owners, I've learned a thing or two about what keeps practice owners stuck when it comes to finding the next person to join their growing team. Recruiting can feel so daunting when you're not used to hiring for a living. Another big hurdle is using tired, out-dated strategies from the 90's and 00's that keep you stuck in a cycle of despair and disillusionment. 

Without templates, guidance and support, practice owners can procrastinate and leave your hiring to the last minute. And while I can support some of these owners in 1:1 relationships, my coaching services are primarily reserved for 4-5 clients each quarter who pay several thousand dollars to get my eyes on their recruiting processes.

Mastering your approach to recruiting will unlock new worlds of possibility in your own practice. For me, mastering this skill lets me easily help other practice owners scale their businesses to build their own six and seven figure practices. It's created more time, more freedom, more joy, more connection to purpose and embodiment of values and has also allowed me to focus on what really matters in my life: my amazing clients, my family, my Maltese X - Gabe and new friends I now have all over the world as I've now got the freedom to travel. 

That's why I knew I needed to create a recruiting program for YOU: the dedicated, the motivated, purpose-driven practice owner or health practitioner who understands the importance of finding the RIGHT person and is ready to release the STALE, out-dated ways of hiring and try something new. 

Dr Brooklyn Storme private practice coaching recruitment

Introducing: Manifest Your Dream Candidate!

An Online Course + Mentoring Program For Private Practice Owners Who Are Ready For A New Way To Hire

Here's what you can expect when you join Manifest Your Dream Candidate!

  • Confidence that you're attracting the right people to the position you're advertising
  • Strategy for hiring from beginning to end of the recruiting process (we're building processes for YOUR business)
  • Direct support from me on Messenger or VOXER for the duration of the course to support you
  • Worksheets, done-for-you-templates and resources that are proven to get results (as you saw from above)
  • Personalised feedback on your homework / assignments / tasks (increase your potential for attracting the right candidates and strengthen your processes)
  • Direction for ALL the foundational recruiting process elements you'll need for your practice
  • Tonnes of smiles, high vibes, laughter, and FUN (because recruiting doesn't have to be a drag! You like to laugh and you like it when you win and your goal is to actually ENJOY this process!

Here's the Week-by-Week Breakdown of What You'll Learn

Module One: Recuiting mindset

Module Three: Essential Systems and Processes

Module Two: Creating copy that converts


In Module One, you'll learn the basic building blocks of a powerful and aligned recruiting mindset, including:

  • Foundational Strategies to tap into your ideal candidates language so your advertising fully resonate with their hearts and souls
  • Proven Alignment techniques to connect with your audience in a way that clearly communicates the value of your role
  • Mindset Skills so you feel fully confident in your ability to create a compelling job advertisement (bye-bye looking at everyone else's templates)

Module Two: Creating copy that converts

Module Three: Essential Systems and Processes

Module Two: Creating copy that converts

copywriting writing typewriter private practice website design melbourne australia

In Module Two, we'll dive into crafting winning copy for your advertisement including:

  • How to create Website messaging that drives future candidate applications to deepen their relationship with your brand so they'll apply for your positions 
  • How to craft your About page so that is shows potential candidates why YOURS is the perfectly aligned practice for them to work with
  • The EXACT process to showcase your practice area of interest and authority without looking boring, vanilla or dull

Module Three: Essential Systems and Processes

Module Three: Essential Systems and Processes

Module Three: Essential Systems and Processes

Dr Brooklyn Storme business alignment coach for private practice owners organisation automate

In Module Three, you'll learn the systems and processes that are essential to effective recruiting and allow you to:

  • recruit from a place of ease, grace and flow
  • receive a steady flow of high quality candidate applications (even when you're not actively recruiting)
  • allow you to enjoy the process by not having to do 'all the things' (that's right, I'm going to show you how to make it EASIER)

Module Four: Interviewing in Alignment

Module Five: Making The Offer in Total Alignment

Module Three: Essential Systems and Processes

job interview candidate recruit find a job private practice psychology

Module Four focuses on your Interviewing Process so you can start watching that pen sign on the dotted line! I'll show you:

  • The specific sections of the interview that MUST be included in the face-to-face meeting
  • Why you need a process that's designed for YOUR practice (not someone else's template)
  • How to position your practice in the conversation for maximum connection with your candidate
  • PLUS you'll receive my exclusive, proven prompts so that you can create your own interview process in a way that corresponds beautifully with YOUR values and vision so you can feel more confident in the interview 

Module Five: Making The Offer in Total Alignment

Module Five: Making The Offer in Total Alignment

Module Five: Making The Offer in Total Alignment

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In Module Five we're covering how to make the offer in alignment so that you can feel more confident taking this step with your ideal candidates. I'll show you:

  • How your offer MUST follow a totally different set of principles than traditional offers
  • The importance of echoing your exact message from your advertisement in your offer and how to do this seamlessly
  • PLUS you'll get my exclusive offer-in-total-alignment process so there's never any guess work about how to create an offer that resonates with your ideal candidate

Module Six: Trouble Shooting & Next Steps

Module Five: Making The Offer in Total Alignment

Module Five: Making The Offer in Total Alignment


When it comes to recruiting your ideal candidates, there are additional tools and steps that you can take to really make the process feel more connected to YOUR dream of running of a private practice. I'll teach you:

  • Simple manifesting strategies that you can use to troubleshoot hiccups (if they happen)
  • What to do AFTER you have successfully hired your ideal candidate
  • How to REPURPOSE one piece of your recruiting content across multiple channels (get your life back and stop hiring out of desperation!)
  • How to create a killer SWIPE file so you're never lost when it comes to recruiting again