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Business to Business Reviews For Brooklyn's Work


“Brooklyn has a large heart, and she cares so much about every single person who comes into her reality. Her passion for helping others create the life they deserve can be felt so deeply. She is certainly a coach creating a massive impact!”

Regan Hillier

Speaker, Coach, Entrepreneur

Melbourne, Australia


“So, the 21-Day Manifestation Challenge ended yesterday. It was a $1000 Challenge Brooklyn suggested - I made it $3000, then thought ‘Nah $5000 that’s what I’ll have, please!’ I manifested Airbnb bookings, money, travel, coffee, meals and date because it’s time to start dating again and I’m about to manifest an FB Dating Group, but that’s something for May. All up I manifested all sorts of things to a dollar value of about $5400! I’m rapt. Today, I started again thinking ok I need $3800 in the next 21 days - an Airbnb booking popped up on my mobile tonight for $740 with the possibility of extending - it means moving out again Wednesday (I’m not even back there yet), so I’m very excited and somehow accepting of it all more now too. Thanks, Brooklyn thanks Universe. If you have doubts, work through them. Trust, believe, expect manifest.”


Coach & Mental Health Social Worker 

Hobart, Australia


“Brooklyn is an incredible manifestation coach who shows you how to truly manifest money, shift old beliefs and mindsets and create healthy relationships with money and abundance and positive beliefs. She inspired me to manifest money which came to fruition within days of implementing her teachings. I can’t wait to learn so much more from Brooklyn as I’ve just scratched the surface with my manifesting!”


Private Practice Owner

Mornington Peninsula, Australia


“I was fortunate to find Brooklyn’s  Facebook group through a referral. My initial doubts of - I know this stuff, what this page could offer me that I hadn’t already learned, proved to be very wrong. What Brooklyn’s Manifestation coaching provided me was a refresher course in past knowledge and the discovery of my true worth and my new, “I can do anything” mentality. However, the real value was the accountability of the Five-day Challenge program, delivered via Brooklyn’s infectious, vibrant personality. This would set me up with great habits of living with gratitude, daily journaling, ridding myself of any doubts that used to creep into my mind and knowing with practice I can manifest anything my heart desires. I can’t wait to continue working with Brooklyn!”


Business Manager

Sydney, Australia


“Brooklyn’s teaching and information on Manifestation, Law of Attraction and Law of Action are a must! Brooklyn is warm, giving and full of joy and her explanation of the material is comprehensive, however, simple and user-friendly. This information has significantly changed my mindset and actions, I feel confident and have a clear vision of my goals. This has completely changed my relationships and my business. Thank you, Brooklyn, for all your generous sharing of knowledge.” 


Business Owner

Brisbane, Australia


''Brooklyn has challenged me around some of my unhelpful thinking around abundance, money mindset and self-limiting beliefs, that I can now see were holding me back from achieving the goals I wanted. Within the timespan of a week, she has helped me see how shifting my Self-talk and mindset, and my doing a few small exercises each day I can start to reach the goals I want to reach. I’ve noticed a real difference in my overall well-being and am finding I can come from a mindset of gratitude each day. I’ve already been able to manifest important things for my business which I felt would take a long time to achieve. I can’t wait to see where else this journey takes me! Thanks so much, Brooklyn.” 


Health Practitioner

Mornington Peninsula, Australia

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"Brooklyn…. You’ve changed my life! I can’t thank you enough for sharing your knowledge regarding the Law of Attraction and Manifesting. In just one week, with your guidance and advice, I’ve managed to change my entire thought process. I wake every morning feeling more grateful for everything in my life than I ever have in the past. I have a much more positive outlook too. I’ve already manifested a new client and know I’ll have more coming my way soon. I’m so excited about my future, and it’s all thanks to you and the information you share. Your energy and positivity are infectious!"

Christine Birchmore

Real Estate Exec

Mornington Peninsula, Australia


“Dr. Brooklyn Storme presents the principles of manifestation in a simple yet structured manner that can assist people to transform negative and self-defeating thoughts into life-changing action and positivity. By engaging readers with exercises and projects to enhance their mindsets, Dr. Storme offers attractive pathways for those who know what they want, enabling movement towards achieving their desired goals.”


Private Practice Owner 

Gold Coast, Australia


“I'd never heard of manifesting until I came across Brooklyn's Facebook group. I was intrigued and dived into 'raising my vibe' and practicing gratitude every morning. I decided to be audacious and ask the universe for a romantic partner. The first iteration didn't work out, but to my utter delight, I can now say I've found the partner of my dreams. I'm so incredibly thankful to have found manifestation!!!”


Small Business Owner

Perth, Western Australia


“Things have been really tough financially for my hubby and I the past couple of years, and I'm trying to turn that around by changing the way I think about things - I've become interested in improving my mindset and the way I see and do things. I don't think the mindset and values I've had for so long are serving me and you know what? Your group has opened my eyes up to this. 

I'm a stay at home mum, trying to "do" an MLM business and haven't worked full time in over six years when my beautiful sister mentioned that this job was coming up and that it may suit me. I applied, armed with not a terrible lot of confidence, BUT with my new daily mantra, I was successful!! I am now working from home (no added daycare or travel costs!), and I’m making headway on smashing our debt.

Thanks, heaps for your generosity with your knowledge and experiences. I'm thankful for you and your wonderful community xx.”

Kylie W

Is Smashing Her Goals Again

Albany, Western Australia