I created the Alumni Program because I believe that after-care following your 90 Day Coaching Program is key to achieving lasting results in your practice.

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After-Care For You

I know that the 90 Day Coaching Program: Business Success From the Inside Out™ can feel overwhelming at times. The reason it can feel that way sometimes is because you often need to do things for the practice like create new systems, processes and policies and then you need to implement them. It feels like you wanted coaching to help take some things off your plate, but what you've realised is that there is actually a lot that you didn't know needed to be done in the practice in the first place. So yes, it does feel like extra work sometimes.

The good news is though that once you've established those new processes and had time to let them settle, you inevitably find that life DOES become easier, simpler, lighter and that you CAN work on the practice and less in it.

When you finish the 90 Day Coaching Program, the last thing you may want is to do it all over again. In fact, you probably just need space to rest and recharge along with some time to implement the things you've learned. As a coaching client myself, I completely understand that need for space. 

But I also know what it feels like to have regular check-ins with someone and then have it all suddenly stop. That's a bit unsettling too, right?

So, I wanted to create something that would allow you to get the downtime and space you need, while also still allowing to you access support in a lighter, less intense way. And that's how I came up with the Alumni Program. 

What's Included

The Alumni Program is a private subscription service exclusive to past clients of the 90 Day Coaching Program. 

It provides you with:

  • One x60 minute 1:1 ZOOM support session with Brooklyn to be used for help with implementation, strategy, problem-solving or as a maintenance session (valued at $397 p/s)
  • 1hr of Messenger or VOXER support 
  • Access to other resources of Brooklyn's as / if needed to support your practice (priceless!)
  • BONUS: Membership to the Private Practice Monthly Mentorship group (valued at $197 p/m)
  • And you can cancel anytime

Coaching sessions are normally priced at $397 p/s but as an Alumni, you can access a coaching session, plus 1 hour of additional support, plus ongoing access to Brooklyn's resources, plus the mentorship group (normally valued at $197 p/m) for just $230 p/m. And you still get to keep your sanity and not feel overwhelmed. 

After you click the Join Now button below, you'll be taken to a PayPal link where you will activate your membership. Once that's completed, you'll be taken directly to the diary where you can schedule your monthly support sessions. It's that easy to get started. 

Why You Can't Ignore After-Care


It improves outcome rates

It improves outcome rates

It improves outcome rates

Research consistently shows that ongoing support is instrumental in helping you achieve lasting results in business. 


Early Intervention

It improves outcome rates

It improves outcome rates

Being able to have monthly check-ins allows for early identification of challenges within the practice and lets you take fast action, preventing or mitigating any negative impacts that might otherwise occur. 


Keeps You In Alignment

It improves outcome rates

Keeps You In Alignment

Stop chasing the bright shiny objects. Stop being busy without making progress. After-care helps you focus and maintain alignment with your purpose, your message, your brand and your clients. When you operate in alignment, things feel so much easier and you enjoy the fruits of your hard work more quickly!

I Think It's Time We Take The Stress Out of Private Practice. Just Imagine How You'd Feel If You...


  • Knew you had someone on stand-by to help you with practice challenges as they arise
  • Had access to the very resources you needed right now for your practice?
  • Had someone to check-in with and that could keep you accountable to working on the tasks that you wanted to achieve?
  • Knew you weren't alone in this, that you had someone there to lean on when you needed it
  • Were able to get the space you need to implement tools and processes and still get feedback on your progress
  • Were able to be proactive rather than reactive in your practice.