90 Day Intensive Branding Bootcamp

"What I love about your group is the level of support you have for all your members. Don't judge my silent presence in your group as a lack of interest, I always watch all of your videos and observe everything. I'm currently involved in a few groups that are similar to yours and it's a process of elimination due to lack of many things in those groups, that your group is offering. 

So far, your group of all the groups that I have been a member of, is the most complete one with the most class. Thank you for leading by example"

Neve Miljanovic

90 Day Intensive: Client Attraction Makeover


90 Day Intensive : Client Attraction Makeover

Enrol Your Next Five Clients

For $11 a week in this Beta program with your first week free in this marketing and branding bootcamp, you will get:

90 consecutive days of business coaching to transform your Mindset, Find Ideal Clients and Close Sales all while Being Your Brand;

Weekly trainings with steps that you can implement now, to create confidence to enrol your next five clients;

Exclusive membership to a group of soul-driven entrepreneurs that are as committed to change and growth as you are and dedicated to supporting you on your journey

This is not like other intensive program that you have heard about or participated in. In our program, I’m going to show up for you and give you a live training each week for 13 weeks that I have created to be powerful and results-driven, based on my Business Alignment © approach. 

I know you want to enrol clients and I can show you how to do that in a way that's ethical, soul-aligned and business-minded.

I want you to be successful and for that to happen, you’ll need to implement our weekly action steps. Each day, I’ll be in the group offering you coaching so that you can reach your goals in a way that lights you up, sparks joy and feels totally aligned with your values. 

By using the tools, resources, techniques and processes my intention is to help you to experience just how easy it really is to attract clients and close sales all by being your own brand.

I'm rolling the program out at a very affordable cost in exchange for your thoughts on how it could be improved for subsequent delivery - this is what a Beta program is. So at the end of the program you can expect that I will be reaching out to you for your feedback.


Here's what you get:

  • 13 weekly live training sessions
  • Sessions available on replay 
  • Daily coaching in our exclusive closed Facebook group 
  • Implementation 
  • Bonus content and training from guest speakers that are leaders in their field
  • Lifetime access to our tools, resources and trainings
  • Tracking tool access to see evidence of your progress
  • Access to future Masterclasses as my guest
  • A space to build meaningful, ongoing business connections with people that share your values and support your dreams.

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This Beta Version is Only Available for a Limited Time!


Join our BETA bootcamp program for $11 per week. Subsequent programs revert to the standard fee of $33 per week.

Our Beta program commences on June 14th 2019. 

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