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We offer extensive services to support you to level up in your organisation and/or personal life.


Brooklyn works one on one with clients in order to support them to utilise the Laws of Attraction in order to reach the desired level within their organisation and/or personal lives.


Brooklyn runs workshops, full day intensive training an also has a range of Challenges which you can purchase if you are dedicated to achieving the next level.


The Manifestation Playbook is a leading edge support group which enables clients to have acces to personalised support from Brooklyn and also network with like minded, motivated individuals.


Our Diamond, Gold & Platinum Prosperity Coaching Programs provide individuals with the resources and support they need in order to take the steps they need to achieve the next level in their personal lives and/or businesses.

Please note access to these programs is strictly by application only.

“When Brooklyn first posted about her Manifestation Playbook I immediately thought yes I’m in! I’ve been practising gratitude for a long time but where I was stuck was in the subconscious self belief. Listening to Brooklyn’s FB Lives and reading her posts I realised I was somewhat afraid to practice what I preach “that anything is possible” and truly trust myself to create the life I want. Whether it was self doubt or feeling undeserving I’m not sure but Brooklyn’s encouragement enabled me to challenge my values and beliefs around money and relationships and in a few weeks everything has significantly changed. It has taken commitment on my part to daily practice and when I’ve wavered Brooklyn has been there to encourage me. The 5 day and 21 day Manifestation Challenges, in my experience, can be life-changing.” Karen

Perennial Coach

” Brooklyn has really challenged me around some of my unhelpful thinking around abundance, money mindset and self limiting beliefs, that I can now see where holding me back from achieving the goals I wanted. Within the timespan of a week she has helped me see how shifting my self talk and mindset, and my doing a few small exercises each day I can start to reach the goals I want to reach.
Ive noticed a real difference in my overall wellbeing, and am finding I am able to come from a mindset of gratitude each day. Ive already been able to manifest important things for my business which I felt would take a long time to achieve. I cant wait to see where else this journey takes me! Thanks so much Brooklyn.” Jessica

Health Practitioner

“Brooklyn… You’ve changed my life! I can’t thank you enough for sharing your knowledge regarding the Law of Attraction and Manifesting. In just one week, with your guidance and advice, I’ve managed to change my entire thought process. I wake every morning feeling more grateful for everything in my life than I ever have in the past. I have a much more positive outlook too. Already I’ve manifested a new client and know I’ll have more coming my way soon. I’m so excited about my future and it’s all thanks to you and the information you share. Your energy and positivity is infectious!” Christine Birchmore

Real Estate Executive


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